Corporate Wellness

360 Degree Fitness is your best in class resource for employee fitness and health management. We design each program based on our client's business plan. We start by assessing your employees and then helping you set the goals such as increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, higher morale and reduced health care costs.

Our Focus:
  1. Reduce adsenteeism
  2. Increase Productivity
  3. Increase the quality of life
  4. Increase recruitment

360 Degree Fitness is designed to maximize positive results for employees and employers alike. Employees get a valuable addition to their benefits package giving them another reason to stay with the organization. Employers will find that the reduction in absenteeism, increase in employee retention, increase in productivity, and improvements in recruitment offset the cost of running a corporate wellness program.

Members of your organization who take advantage of the corporate program will generally feel better and have more energy than their counterparts. Our Corporate program will not only deliver intangible benefits to your workforce but also boost your bottomline. This is a wellness solution that will save the company money and make the employees happy.

Learn about gym offers and member incentives for corporate businesses near 360 Degree Fitness. Redefine what it means to build a strong team. 360 Degree Fitness offers an outstanding experience with state of the art equipment, a dedicated staff and excellent amenities.


360 Degree Fitness wants you to have options to choose from

Corporate membership (Company billed):

Membership includes a discount on initiation fee with a minimum of 10 members. It also includes a complimentary wellness assessment. We do have fee based personal training sessions as well.


This includes membership with a discount on initiation fee with a minimum of 5 members.